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Here's A Taste Of Our Completed Work...
Fully restored deck & fence combo in Kanata.
Backyard deck preservation in Barrhaven.
Gorgeous red deck in Dunrobin.
Deck & gazebo in Dunrobin.
Huge brown pergola on Sunnyside.
Fully restored deck & fence combo in Fallowfield.
Beautifully maintained deck in Orleans.
Newly sealed deck in Stittsville.
Gorgeous deck in Manotick.
Sealed cedar deck in Barrhaven.
Freshly oil-stained fence in Barrhaven.
Fully sanded and stained deck in Barrhaven.
Cedar deck restoration in Barrhaven.
New privacy fence in Kanata.
Freshly sealed balcony in Orleans.
Freshly oil-stained deck in Greely.
First time sanded & stained deck in Kemptville.
Deck, fence, and pergola in Barrhaven.
Deck preserving in Barrhaven.
Deck and fence combo in Barrhaven.
Deck and fence combo in Orleans.
Deck and shed project in Constance Bay.
Another shot of this great project near Dunrobin.
Full sand & stain transformation deck + fence in Orleans.
Freshly stained fence in Orleans.
Pergola restoration in Orleans.
Hot tub spa steps in Greely.
Massive wraparound deck in Newcastle.
Capturing the beauty of cedar in this Kanata backyard.
Beautiful wood restoration job in Gatineau.
Gorgeous  fence preservation in Kanata.
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Full-Sanding Is Our Specialty...
Only one month of sun-fading!
Restoring years of grayed wood.
Sanding back to bare wood.
Fully grayed after one full year of sun fading.
Bringing this sun-faded gray fence back to life!
Sanding pressure treated wood to its best tone.
Sanding three types of wood to match perfectly.
Returning solid stain to transparent.
Yep! We sanded every single spindle.
The real difference is in the sanding.
Sanding opens wood pores for stain to penetrate & absorb .
Gray sun-faded cedar after only two months of being built!
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See The Difference Oil-Based Stain Makes...
Accenting beautiful cedar with oil-based stain in Kanata.
Wood preservation in Fisher Park.
Massive deck in Constance Bay.
Beautiful cedar in Barrhaven.
Wood shed garage in Dunrobin.
Capturing new wood at its best Kanata.
Wood preservation in Orleans.
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Testimonials From Happy Clients
Here Are A Few Screenshot Messages From Happy Clients Throughout The Last Few Seasons...
Andrew is a happy client in Kanata from the current 2018 season.
Amanda's deck was the first project completed of the current 2018 season.
A handful of 5 star ratings & reviews happy clients from the current 2018 season.
Pam and Carryl are happy clients in Alta Vista area from the 2018 season.
Maureen & Alain are happy clients in Orleans of the current 2018 season.
Ashley and Albert are some of our early clients from the current 2018 season.
Marie-Anne and Sebastien are clients in Barrhaven from the 2017 season.
Mario is another happy client in Orleans from the 2017 season.
Richard and Carole are happy based in the inner city of Ottawa from the 2017 season.
Trish and Scott are clients in Barrhaven from the 2017 season.
Sonat is another happy client in Barrhaven from the 2017 season.
Tamara is a happy client from the 2016 season.
Richard & Carole showing off their newly restored cedar deck from the 2017 season!
New Services For 2019
We've nailed it at exterior deck restoration...
Here's what else we can do for you!
Deck Resurfacing
Time to upgrade your pressure treated deck floor? We've got *ultra low maintenance* Western Red Cedar or Siberian Larch charred wood available to replace!
Charred Wood Fence Boards
Want an upgrade or change in fence style? We do fence panel replacement with our proprietary *super low maintenance* fence boards!
Interior Feature Walls
Wood lovers don't stop at exterior wood... We can design and install custom feature walls using premium charred wood from our sister company: charclad
The Cost of DIY...
Equipment You'll Need...
  • $80-$110: Orbital sander
  • $50: Detailing mouse sander
  • $80: Floor sander rental
  • $190: Hammer drill 
  • $150: Power blower 
  • $30: Extension cables
Supplies You'll Need...
  • $30+: Tons of sand paper! 
  • $15: Fat stain brush
  • $15-$25: Oil resistant gloves
  • $12: Dust mask & safety glasses
  • $10: Sun hat 
  • $70: Knee pads
Other Considerations... 
  • $?: Your time!! 
  • $?: Ignorant frustration...
  • $?: Dealing with a week of lower back pain... 
  • $70-$100+'s?: Not knowing how many gallons of stain to purchase (which you'll pay full price for, no doubt...)
That's a minimum conservative cost of $798.00 to sand & stain your deck-- PLUS you'd have to do the work yourself!!
Our Transformation Process...
From Gray To Gold!
Ottawa's Only 100% Moisture Free Prep Process! 
Why does my deck peel every year?
The most common reason a deck fails is the prep work is not done well-- if at all. Oftentimes the deck is not fully dry before stain was applied. This can be from rain, pressure washing, or attempting to stain too early or too late in the season. Applying various coats without sanding will cause peeling, and most water-based stains will peel after a season or two.
Why does Sand & Stainsand all the way to bare wood?
At Sand & Stain, we pride ourselves on doing the best sanding job-- taking it right back down to bare wood to open the pores of the wood so our stain can penetrate the wood and never peel again. This crucial step offers the best in quality wood protection, as well as the absolute best in aesthetic finish. The sanding is the most important part of the job and what allows us to stand apart from the competition like painting companies and general contractors. We provide one service, and we do it the best.
Why doesn't Sand & Stainpressure-wash to prepare a deck?
Pressure washing can not only damage wood, it can leave "tiger-striping" which will show through transparent and semi-transparent stains. Even if done perfectly, pressure washing always leaves fibres that needs to be sanded down regardless, so why not skip this step entirely. Not to mention, a deck should be protected from the elements-- not abused by them! Bonus reason: it doesn't make any sense logistically while running a summer business... There are only so many sunny/dry days in a summer-- why waste any time on pressure washing and waiting 3-4 days for wood to dry when one can be sanding & staining? 
How long will a job last by Sand & Stain?
If a deck is poorly prepped or stained, it will typically fail in its first year-- commonly in the spring after its first winter if it didn't peel before then. Our premium workmanship promises that your deck will never peel, however, it will eventually fade over the years from the sun and the elements. You'll want to have us return to preserve and maintain that rich look of freshly sanded and stained wood. We recommend getting a deck stained every 2-3 years in Ottawa, however, some choose to get us to return every year, and some choose to wait a bit longer.  
What's the difference between painting and staining?
Painting is layers of protection on top of the wood, whereas stain soaks into the wood and is penetrated after the appropriate prep work. At Sand & Stain, we always recommend staining your exterior wood and never painting it. Every year, it is shocking how many clients call us to restore the original finish of wood after it had been painted previously and lost all of its richness and authentic look.
Why does Sand & Stainuse oil-based stain?
Oil-based stain is a superior product to water-based stain. Not to mention, you only need one coat with oil based stain, and with water-based stain you typically need two coats which then has more chance of peeling because the second coat doesn't penetrate the wood leaving a thick layer on top of the wood much like paint. In the winter months, this water-based stain freezes and expands creating cracks in your wood and of course, peels off.
Why does Sand & Stainuse brushes as opposed to rollers or sprayers when staining?
Once the wood areas have been sanded, we manually press the stain into the open pores of the wood with our brush to ensure proper penetration to avoiding pooling which will leave an uneven finish and have a higher chance of failing. Rollers will not allow the same penetration, and they tend to leave overlap marks which leave an extremely unpleasant sight when dried. Stain is not meant to be sprayed in general-- and even if it is, it still needs to be back brushed to avoid overlap marks, so why not simply brush the whole thing? Don't spray stain (and don't let anyone convince you that they are going to do it in this method.)
Are there any wood restoration jobs Sand & Stain does not do?
The best idea is to get in touch with us to see if we can help you. It's worth noting that results from pressure treated wood will be much more unpredictable than working with cedar. Wood that have previously been painted or stained with a thick, solid colour will never return to perfect conditions. The best way to solve this is to maintain the natural look with transparent stains, or ask about our deck resurfacing services to get new wood planks installed to your already existing deck or wood project. 
About Sand & Stain
Markian Pergat
Sales / Service at Sand & Stain,
Keto Enthusiast,  and
Wears Wide Circumference Hats To Prevent Sunburns  On His Head
A Message From The Founder...
The most successful businesses start by solving a specific problem. When I meet homeowners for the first time, the most common complaint I hear is how their decks peel year after year, no matter what they do or who they call.

I'm pleased to share that multiple seasons in the business has allowed me discover the absolute best process for preserving exterior wood so it never peels again.

So what's the secret? Sand & stain. No, seriously... Our name comes from the only solution that truly works to protect, restore, and transform your deck. You don't need a pressure washer, chemical paint stripper, or a prayer to get lasting results. 

Proper prep work, high quality oil-based stain, and allowing Sand & Stain to contribute what we do best are all you need to get the quality finish and rich aesthetics you desire. (Yes, even with the brutal winters and humid summers in the Ottawa Valley...)

There is no catch. Our promise to you is your deck will never burst, bubble, or peel using our simple process. Over time, it will fade from full spectrum sunlight, rain & snow, foot traffic, shoveling, etc. You'll want to 'spruce it up' (pun intended!) every few years, but with our help, it won't get beat up or look terrible in the meantime.

You've already invested your dollars into building your deck or fence... Let us deliver the premium maintenance it deserves so you can get the most longevity, value, and enjoyment out of it for years to come. (You don't want a splinter to ruin little Jimmy's birthday party, do you?)
Secure your spot before we're filled up for the season!
P.S. If you love wood as much as we do, you may be interested in our recently launched sister company, charclad, offering authentic handmade charred wood products inspired by the ancient Japanese wood preserving technique known as “shou sugi ban.” 
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